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 Elite 4 From All Regions

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PostSubject: Elite 4 From All Regions   Elite 4 From All Regions Icon_minitimeTue Jun 14, 2011 2:14 pm


Lorelei - Ice
Bruno - Fighting
Agatha - Ghost
Lance - Dragon
Blue/Gary - Various


Will - Psychic
Koga - Poison
Bruno - Fighting
Karen - Dark


Sydney - Dark
Phoebe - Ghost
Glacia - Ice
Drake - Dragon
Steven - Steel -R/S
Wallace - Water - E


Aaron - Bug
Bertha - Ground
Flint - Fire
Lucian - Psychic
Cynthia - Various


Shauntal - Ghost
Grimsley - Dark
Caitlin - Psychic
Marshal - Fighting
Alder - Various

If you notice, all types of pokemon are used for each one. That is except for Electric, Flying, Grass, Normal and Rock.
I think i'll incorporate that in my region. We will replace my electric gym leader with a water gym leader so the electric one can be, and Airik will be replaced by Drako.

Elite 4 Members of Nuvonaire
Electric - Elaina
Flying - Airik
Grass - Unknown
Normal - Nora

Current Elite 4

This idea is a beta idea. I don't know if this change will actually happen at all yet or not.

Elite 4 From All Regions N_by_clff-d3e8vtb
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Elite 4 From All Regions
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