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 Pokemon Orange Team

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Pokemon Trainer Red
Pokemon Trainer Red

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PostSubject: Pokemon Orange Team   Pokemon Orange Team Icon_minitimeFri Jun 10, 2011 12:11 am

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Pokemon Orange is a remake of R/B/G/Y put into one game pretty much. There will be a third trainer to start as, and I don't know who it's going to be just yet. But it'll be a lot like Cheren and Bianca were to the main crew in B/W. Except in Orange you'll have three rivals.

Red - Everyone knows who red is.
Blue - The rival of Red but one of his best friends.
Green - Another rival of Red and another of his best friends.

These three trainers each grew up with the main trainer in the town of Pallet Town. Professor Oak makes his debut when Red takes the main character in the grass without realizing it and gets attacked by a pikachu. Thats when Red gets his first pokemon in the original as well. Green obtains Eevee from his father and Blue obtains a Squirtle from him as well.

New battling systems here similar to Black and White! Three on Three battles from trainers randomly and wild double battles!

This is all I have at the moment D: more to come as more thought is done on it.

Current Team:
Me - Plotter, Spriter

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Pokemon Orange Team
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