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 Bullet Trio ~May Be Redrawn~

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Pokemon Trainer Red

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Bullet Trio ~May Be Redrawn~ Empty
PostSubject: Bullet Trio ~May Be Redrawn~   Bullet Trio ~May Be Redrawn~ Icon_minitimeMon May 23, 2011 9:51 pm

Kayswim (casing+swim)
casing pokemon
water/steel type
ability: battle armor
31 lbs
evolves into Bullukayse when lvled up with Bullusquid in battle

"Its scales have fused into one, surrounding its body with a tough shell. Its mouth, eyes, and fins still stick out, and it moves by cycling water through its body."

Bullusquid (bullet+squid)
Pellet pokemon
water type
ability: swift swim/marine lace
29 lbs
evolves into Bullukayse when lvled up with Kayswim in battle

"Their tough outer shells protect them when they shoot through the water. The round balls are short tentacles that have evolved to form ink sacs."

Bullukayse (bullet+casing)
bullet pokemon
water/steel type
ability: slip through/inconsistent
48 lbs
evolves into Octomic when lvled up with grimer or octillery in battle
evolves from Bullusquid and Kayswim when lvled up together in battle

"They shoot through the water at high speeds, destroying anything that gets in the way. Their combined shells are hard enough to survive crashing into an underwater mine, and smooth enough to burrow a perfectly round hole in corals."

Bullet Trio ~May Be Redrawn~ Bullet_pokemon_by_tk36477-d36teck
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Bullet Trio ~May Be Redrawn~
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