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 Angelfish Fakemon

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PostSubject: Angelfish Fakemon   Angelfish Fakemon Icon_minitimeMon May 23, 2011 9:49 pm

Tripish (tropical+fish)
vibrant pokemon
water type
ability: regeneration
21 lbs
evolves into Angigrace using Shiny stone

"Their beautiful colors make them stand out against the dull river bed, but also makes them very easy to spot for predators. So they have developed very reflective scales to shine sunlight into their enemy's eyes to blind them."

Angigrace (angel+grace)
halo pokemon
water type
ability: regeneration
41 lbs
evolves from Tripish using Shiny stone

"The glowing halo around their dorsal fins is actually an optical illusion caused by a refraction of light from their scales. Their bodies can reflect so much light one would need sunglasses to look at them."

Angelfish Fakemon Tropical_saviors_by_tk36477-d36dkzi
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Angelfish Fakemon
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