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 Wingull Alternate Evolution

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PostSubject: Wingull Alternate Evolution   Wingull Alternate Evolution Icon_minitimeMon May 23, 2011 9:38 pm

Albasoar (albatross+soar)
gliding pokemon
water/flying type
ability: keen eye/hydration
8'7'' (wing tip to wing tip) 4'4'' (beak tip to tail end)
51 lbs
evolves from Wingull with lvled up on water after lvl 30

"They can soar for days on end without ever roosting by using the thermal drifts around Formos. The small floats on their sides are air sacs that allow them to stop on water if they are ever tired."

Wingull Alternate Evolution Another_alternate__wingull_by_tk36477-d394mf2
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Wingull Alternate Evolution
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