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 Darklett and Swanoir

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Darklett and Swanoir Empty
PostSubject: Darklett and Swanoir   Darklett and Swanoir Icon_minitimeMon May 23, 2011 9:34 pm

Darklett (dark+ -lett)
heartbreak pokemon
dark/flying type
ability: rejection*
25 lbs
evolves into Swannoir with moonstone

"Their presence is a bad omen almost equal to that of seeing a Murkrow. When their sadness and anger of rejection has reached a critical point, they will unleash those feelings and evolve."

Swannoir (swan+noir [black in french])
heartless pokemon
dark/flying type
ability: rejection
75 lbs
evolves from Darklett with a moonstone

"They are some of the most ruthless, cod-blooded Pokemon known. It is thought that the only way to calm a raging Swannoir down is to have it encounter the one who broke its heart."

Darklett and Swanoir Heartbreak_bird_by_tk36477-d3c6hnt

"After his mate-to-be suddenly left him for another bird, Ducklett isolated himself from all society. He shut himself off to all outsiders, rejecting any help offered to him. After many encounters with birds who tried to help, his sorrow and grief slowly turned to anger. This anger, pent up inside of him, began to affect his genes, and this feathers turned form a mellow blue to a jet-black. The aquamarine tuft on his chest morphed into a bright crimson, and slowly began to separate. After several months of building up his anger, he finally broke, and let out a powerful gale on the swampland around him. This immense energy allowed him to evolve into a Swannoir. As soon as his rampage was over he set off, in spiteful resentment, in search of the cute little Ducklett who broke his heart.

He found the Ducklett, now a Swanna, in the wings of a Staraptor. Swiftly, without even a moment's hesitation, he dove down from the sky, hitting the unsuspecting Staraptor with a powerful Brave Bird, knocking the two lovers apart. After a fierce aerial dog fight with the Staraptor, Swannoir's Night Slash, powered by his bitterness, downed the ... Pokemon. He lighted down in front of the beautiful but distressed and horrified Swanna, and said to her, in a low, growling, and malicious tone, "This, is what you did to me."
Then, as swift as he had shot down from the blue, he disappeared in a whirlwind of reddened grass."

ya, so kids, dont date too early on. or else when you evol.. i mean grow up, that sadness can turn to fear of relationships and affect you for the rest of your lives. and dont hate.
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Darklett and Swanoir
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